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4/20 Cannabis Beverages Ranked – Minnesota Edition

Beard Bros Pharms
Alas, our two favorite holidays have arrived – the last day of Snow Emergency parking in Minnesota and 4/20! As the snow-covered streets turn to flooded lakes, rivers, streets, and basements, Minnesotans are busy ‘shop-vac’ing their shag rugs and squinting at the light of the end of the tunnel that is sunny weather without the […]

5 Ways to Retain Cannabis Customers and Ignite Loyalty

It’s a fire day for a cannabis business when new customers make a purchase, pay an invoice or sign a contract. After all that shimmying around red tape and jumping the unending hurdles to convert a lead to a customer, it’s easy to get distracted by the high and forget the effort doesn’t stop there. […]

How Hands-Free Hosting Hits All the Highs

If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, you likely had an epiphany one day that pulled you away from the corporate grind in another industry and compelled you into the world of cannabis — your true passion. You thought, “Why should I work for someone else when I can start my own business working with something I […]

4 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Try for Dry January 2023

Each year we’re thrilled to participate in Dry January with our own easy mocktail recipes and CBD infused drinks. It’s one small way we support your efforts to find balance and restore wellness in your life. If you’re thinking about participating in Dry January or in making health-focused habit changes, there are a few things […]

10 Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Although you may still be reeling from the shock that we are approaching year-end, it’s time to prep for the season of gatherings, which is indeed upon us. Whether you’re hosting or attending celebrations, we can likely all agree on one thing — guests that come prepared with a hosting gift are the gems of […]

The Hapsy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here!

As you lower ghosts and ghouls back into their storage coffins and hoist box-fulls of bulbs and strings of lights from attic nooks, we want to applaud you for keeping the spirit of playfulness alive for future generations. After all, magical childhood memories are made possible by the people willing to put in the effort […]