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Shop Small & Impact Your Community on Small Business Saturday 2022

Each year in November, we can expect the onslaught of big-box store and name-brand holiday and Black Friday sales to dominate much of the digital ad space, TV commercials, billboards, and social feeds. And like many families starting their holiday shopping adventures, saving money on the best gifts is top of mind.

Supporting the Non-Alc Movement: Pushing Reset on How We Drink

The season of celebrations is just kicking off! From October through February the months are filled with opportunities to celebrate and socialize. However, American culture ties celebrations and social gatherings to alcohol in a way that sometimes feels… unhealthy. Halloween party? Hard cider. Thanksgiving? House wine. Christmas? Hot Toddies. Eggnog. Mulled wine. New Year’s Eve? […]

Boo! Ahh! Holiday Prep is here?!

The scariest game to play this season is ‘hide and seek’… with holiday planning! Ready or not, here it comes! We know, we know… holiday planning “isn’t supposed to start” until after Halloween. And typically, we’d agree. But this year, it feels like activities have ramped up quicker than in the past, leaving some of […]

What’s the difference? Recapitalization vs Restructuring Cannabis Real Estate

Canna RE Group
If you own a cannabis growing facility or cannabis processing facility, you know firsthand the business acumen required to stay compliant, structure debt, operate according to established SOPs, and manage investor expectations. From application to approval — and well into sourcing, building, and operating your business — it’s critical to keep an eye on the […]