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About Bri

About Me

What do Activision Games, Beats by Dre, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Green Flower Media all have in common? They’ve hired me to execute important marketing, project management, and branding projects on their teams.

Hey! My name is Bri – a self-proclaimed Minnesconsinite. I am an experienced Brand Strategist and marketing professional that once worked in mainstream ad agencies executing big-budget marketing/ad campaigns. Now, I specialize in cannabis industry content, branding, and marketing – because it’s what I love.

I was a cannabis consumer long before I started my cannabis career in CA, circa 2016, which gave me great insight into how cannabis consumers source their products. I struggled to find quality information about the products I was interested in, leading me to a trial-and-error phase in my consumption. As a marketer turned writer, I’ve used my experience and the anecdotal accounts from my friends and family to understand how to communicate with cannabis consumers.

GoBriCreative was founded on the idea that creativity starts with listening AND action. We help cannabis brands with writing, marketing strategy, project/creative team management, and media planning to tell their stories and educate cannabis consumers along the way.